Vintage Fur

Vintage Fur

So today is the first day of spring, but we have another nor'easter headed to Boston tomorrow. Anyone else over this whole winter and snow thing?!

I have decided that if I must continue to do winter, then I am going to do it right! So, I pulled out my grandma's vintage fur coat! Unless you have not left your apartment this winter (honestly wouldn't blame you for this), then you know that big coats were having a serious moment. Whether it be puffer coats, teddy bear coats, or fur coats, the bigger they are the better. Now I am not usually one to follow trends, but I do love to see when trends come back into style. Case in point, the fact that I am able to wear my grandma's coat from the 70's and not look like a complete crazy person walking down the street! 

Probably the best thing about these coats, aside from being a style statement, is that they are incredibly warm! The harshest of winter conditions now seem a bit more bearable thanks to throwing one on (ok, maybe not bearable, but you know what I mean). OK, now for the best, best part! Since winter is technically 'over', these coats are now all on sale! The post-winter/pre-spring time is my favorite time to stock up on winter items for great prices. 

Obviously, I cannot share where you can get the exact coat I am wearing because it is not available anywhere. I did however, search the internet to find a few different options, from the classic to the more over-the-top, of fur coats. Check out the shop section at the bottom or this post to see what I was able to find!!


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