No. 108

Last week on Instagram, I mentioned to my followers that I have a bunch of weddings coming up this year. With a lot of weddings, a lot of stress over what to wear can come about. I had an idea to put together a curated collection of wedding appropriate dresses. To try to cater to everyone’s needs even more, I broke down the collection between dresses you can borrow from Rent the Runway and dresses that you can buy! Last week I posted all of my Rent the Runway picks on my SHOP page, and now I have added all of my ‘to buy’ picks there as well!

The dress that I am featuring in this week’s post was what inspired all of this! I bought this dress with the idea that I would wear it to at least one (maybe more…don’t judge me!) of the weddings I have this year. I didn’t want to just throw up some pictures of it and say how great it is (which it really is), and then tell you to buy it if you liked it. I wanted to offer more to all of you. So, that was what led to me spending a solid few hours updating my SHOP page with nothing but dresses you can wear to weddings!

Keep scrolling to see this week’s look. As always you can shop what I am wearing in the Shop This Look section below. FYI…I’m pretty sure this dress is now on sale!

AND if you are like me and have a bunch of weddings (or just really love a good dress), be sure to check out my SHOP page….you won’t be disappointed!


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