No. 100

No. 100

This week I’m bringing you yet another casual look, with a side of what is sure to be spring’s hottest new color! A couple years ago it was all about Millennial Pink. Last year Gen Z Yellow was everywhere. This year??? Well, I’m not young and hip enough to already know what the nickname will be, but I can definitely tell you that lavender (or lilac, depending who you ask) will be everywhere this year!

I’m not going to lie to you. When I bought these pants online from J Crew, I had no idea they were a purple color. I honestly thought that they were a light grey (don’t ask me why haha), but I was very pleasantly surprised when I got them in the mail and realized I was wrong. I also originally thought that I would style and wear these for work, but instead I went with a more casual look. Basically, I am just full of surprises (for myself)!

Anyway, keep scrolling to see how I styled this season’s it color! You can shop this entire look in the Shop This Look section at the bottom of the post. And, if I’ve piqued your lavender/lilac interests, head over to my SHOP page where I’ve pulled the best of the best from across the internet!


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