This week I am going to keep the post short and sweet...just like my shorts! I have had this pair for a few years now, and they are easily one of my favorite Assembly Row Outlet finds I have ever had. They are great because from the front they look like a skirt, but since they are actually shorts, they provide way more coverage and give me the confidence to wear something on the shorter side. So yes, I am fully admitting to wearing a skort...but they are apparently making a comeback according to Refinery29

In other news, I have something exciting for all of you!! If you have kept up with my blog at all in the past year and a half, then you have definitely noticed my love for Puck & Abby  (you can see an entire post I dedicated to the online store HERE)! Well, Puck & Abby  has decided to share the love with all of you. As an exclusive for my followers you can get 30% off any full price items! Use the code SIXFEETINHEELS!

Oh, and if you're wondering about the post title, it is because this week's post is also dedicated to Lively. If you are in need of any bras, undies, or even swimwear than this brand is not to be missed! Check out everything that Lively has to offer!

To shop this look, and even some pieces from Puck & Abby and Lively, keep scrolling! :) 


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