Cashmere & Wool & Suede, Oh My!

Cashmere & Wool & Suede, Oh My!

What separates the good from the great when it comes to your wardrobe? The quality of the pieces that you are buying, of course! When it comes to the colder weather I have some of my go to fabric favorites - cashmere, wool, and suede - if you couldn't tell by the title of this post. These are the fabrics that I like to wear when I want to feel a bit more stylish and luxe!

I have truly found that the quality of a piece can make all of the difference for your overall look. While it can sometimes come with some added pain to your bank account, the thing to remember is that the better the quality, the longer the life of the investment. You'll notice that the items in the shop section of this post might be a little on the pricier side, but as always I strive to find and share pieces with you that I truly think are worth the money. Everything I share on here are items that I either have, or have something extremely similar to. And if you know me, or follow along on my Instagram stories, then you know that I re-wear A LOT of my clothing in my wardrobe over and over again!

Now I do not want to lie to all of is Monday night at 11:00 pm now as I am writing this, and my mind is blanking. So, I am going to keep this post a short one. Check out this look below, and if you like anything you see I have linked the same (and similar) pieces in the shop section below!


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The exact skirt I am wearing in this post is a few years old, but I somehow managed to stumble across someone selling it on Poshmark! So, if you are a size 8 click HERE and get it for yourself!