Summer Staples Meet Winter Temps

Summer Staples Meet Winter Temps

Are you tired of wearing the same winter staples of sweaters and jeans, and looking for something different? Well then, never underestimate your wardrobe, and just how much you can really stretch the pieces you have from season to season and year to year! Take this look for example. I was tired of wearing pants, and wanted something with a bit more flow and comfort, but I also did not want to show too much skin (no one wants to see my pale legs in the middle of winter!). So I reached into my closet and pulled out this jersey, black maxi dress. Yep, thats right! I bet you didn't realize that I was wearing a dress under my black top. I bet you even further that you didn't realize that it is a strapless dress that would typically be more reserved for the warmer months either!

This is one of my favorite things to do when I start to get bored with my "winter" wardrobe. I try to find different ways to incorporate my spring/summer pieces. The main trick here is layering and carefully place accessories! To make my strapless maxi more weather appropriate I added a black long-sleeve top. Then to add a bit more shape to to look, and it keep me from looking too boring, I added the large woven belt. Then voila...I have a look that is different from what I typically wear, that is still weather appropriate and stylish!

As always I have linked the same and similar pieces at the bottom of this post! So, if you want to try and recreate this look on your own, or even just get some great staple pieces to add to your wardrobe, then scroll down for more!

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