No. 90

No. 90

If you are anything like me, then you have a lot of holiday parties coming up over the next few weeks. I always struggle this time of year because I find myself wanting to buy new outfits for all of the events I have going on. The problem with this is that in the past I have purchased items that were festive and perfect for the holidays, but that did not see the outside of my closet as soon as January rolled around. Building a more sustainable wardrobe is something that I have been more aware of as I get older, so for this year I wanted to challenge myself to work within my closet for some holiday ready looks that did not require me to pull out my credit card. My goal was also to not end up buying something that I would only wear once and then forget about!

When it comes to holiday dressing, it is very easy to be pulled in a festive direction with your wardrobe choices. Think red, green, and perhaps even velvet or sequins. These are the items, that when purchased with the holidays in mind, you tend to not wear again as soon as all of the presents have been opened. I’ve been mulling it over, and below are some tips that I think can be helpful when it comes to dressing for the holidays:

  • Neutral colors like blacks, grays, and navy are always a good go to. These will be pieces you’ll be able to go to over and over again (for the holidays and beyond). Think of a black jumpsuit, a gray sweater dress, or a navy pant suit. The colors can of course be swapped out for any of those items, but they are all some solid pieces to have in your wardrobe.

  • Dress up the pieces mentioned above with accessories. Take a simple black jumpsuit and make is ‘festive’ by adding a statement earring. You can even do something like add a holiday themed neck scarf to your suit. Or, how about adding a sparkly brooch to your sweater dress. When playing with accessories, the possibilities are endless.

  • Make your makeup the festive focal point. A classic red lip instantly makes any outfit holiday ready.

  • Instead of opting for the traditional Christmas red and green, go for different variations of those colors. Pick out a hunter green, or a burgundy color instead. This way you are still wearing a ‘holiday’ color, but you can also wear those pieces at different times in the year without them screaming Christmas! Case in point for this is the look that I put together for this week…

The dress I am wearing in this week’s post is an old one. I bought it after falling in love with it as soon as I saw it in the store, and wore it for the first time to a family wedding. It is one of those dresses that I find myself always reaching for when I need something that I can dress up or down. I know I am talking all about holiday dressing in this week’s post, but the way I styled this dress is actually more on the casual side. That is not to say that it cannot be dressed up though! Add a strappy heel and change up the accessories, and you are ready for a night out in this dress as well!

Since the dress is so old, I was not able to find the exact one online. So, I did one of my favorite things for all of you, which consisted of my searching all of the internet for similar (and in some cases, better) dresses. Keep scrolling to get to the ‘Shop This Look’ section, where you can see all of my finds!


A Little Behind the Scenes Action For Ya :)


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As mentioned, the dress I am wearing is a few years old (from Ralph Lauren). I could not find something to match it exactly, so instead I compiled some of my favorite burgundy dresses I could find from scouring the internet!


I also featured some Puck & Abby pieces in this look!