What are all of your thoughts on having classic pieces in your wardrobe? Is this something that you focus on when shopping? Do you view these as more of investment pieces? Or, is it not something that you even really think/care about?

I guess before I get into this, maybe I should explain what I consider to be a classic piece. To me, a classic piece of clothing is something that is so much more than a passing trend. It is the top, dress, pair of slacks, or even a coat that will stay in heavy rotation within your wardrobe for more than just a season, or a year. Classic pieces are things that I think can take a wardrobe and make it timeless.

How can you know when you have spotted a classic piece? For me, I always look for pieces that are simple, have great tailoring, and are amazing quality. Quality is truly one of the key aspects when it comes to finding those pieces that will last you forever. 

Now, don't hate me for saying this, but I have found that with a good quality piece, usually comes a higher price tag. This can be difficult to accept, especially if you are like most people in our generation (myself included) who indulge in fast fashion regularly. With that said, I can honestly tell you, that those pieces I have spent more money on really do stand the test of time. Maybe it is all testament to their quality, or maybe it is the fact that since I have spent more money on them I do a better job of taking care of them. Whatever it may be, it seems to be the case...

If you don't believe me, then consider the navy dress I am wearing in this post. I bought this Shoshanna dress my senior year of college (six years ago!), and it is something that has not only held up well from a quality perspective, but also from a fashion perspective. This dress is six years old, and it is something I can still wear regularly and feel fashionable! Sometimes I can even make it seem trendy by adding different touches to my look. This week, I decided to try out something new by wearing some fun socks with my pumps. 

Now, this does not mean you need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a few pieces of clothing. The great thing about building a timeless wardrobe with classic pieces as your staples, is that you can tale your time finding those pieces that are truly meant for you. I have talked before about how I believe in soul mates of the wardrobe variety. It is so important to really do your 'research', i.e. lots of shopping, browsing, and trying things on. You don't want to give just any old piece of clothing access to your closet for the long haul if you aren't truly sold on it!

Keep scrolling to see the entire look I put together, built mostly on pieces that I have had in my wardrobe for some time. As always you can shop the same, or similar pieces, that I have linked at the bottom of this post. And, while you're down there, what do you all consider to be your favorite classic pieces in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!


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All content created by Mackenzie Lee of Six Feet In Heels. All photography by Emily Luongo.