No. 59

Clearly I was struggling with coming up with a title for this week's post. So, I decided to just assign a number to it. My OCD (and dislike for odd numbers) makes me wish my lack of title imagination could've waited until next week, so this post could've been No. 60, but as is life. I also have to admit that as I was going through and counting every post I have done since Six Feet In Heels began, I started to realize how much I have put into this little passion project of mine. It is not always easy, and there are some days where I really don't want to do anything more with it, but a big thank you to everyone for all of your support. It is one of the things that truly keeps me going!

This week I decided to try and tackle a look that even the most fashion forward can struggle casual. Ever since switching jobs back in May, my dress code at work has been business casual. This was something that was very new to me, as I had always been in roles that required business professional dress. Now, it is definitely amazing to not have to wear a suit everyday, but at the same time I was faced with the fact that my closet didn't readily meet my needs, or so I thought...

Business casual does not have to be difficult. In fact, if you get some key pieces in your closet, it can actually be pretty easy! The one piece I have found that truly elevates a look to make it office appropriate are blazers. Some good blazers, in a solid selection of neutral colors, can do wonders for your business casual wardrobe. Take the dress I am wearing in this post...what would normally pass as a casual weekend dress is instantly more put together with the addition of a blazer!

If you are looking for some other ideas to make pulling together a business casual wardrobe, then all you need to do is stick to basics. Things you will need include some of the below:

  •  Slacks - Cover your neutral colors like black, navy, and gray
  • Layering tops - Simple shells or tanks/tees that you can wear on their own, or under another piece
  • Blazers - As previously mentioned. I get the most wear out of my navy blazer!
  • Sheath dresses - These are a great all in one look, or you could add an accessory like a scarf or jacket
  • Pumps - You can never go wrong with a great pair of heels!
  • Skirts - You also want to get these in neutral colors. My two go-to skirts are a navy A-line and a black pleated midi

Once you have built some solid basics, then you can have fun adding other things to your looks to spice them up a bit. Some great add on pieces are scarves, jewelry, belts, etc.

Keep scrolling to see the rest of this look! Let me know in the comments if you have any go-to ideas that make business casual less complex for you!


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I bought the navy heels I am wearing on sale at Banana Republic, so they are no longer available. They do still have a very similar shoe available at the same retailer in black, tan, and purple. They also have another heel that comes in navy, which is arguably just as good of a shoe! I may have to make another purchase :) Both pairs are linked below!

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