I'm doing something a little different and injecting some color into this week's outfit post!! I usually stick to a fairly neutral color palette when it comes to my wardrobe. If you keep up with my posts, then you know black, white, navy, and gray tend to be the dominant colors in my wardrobe. I mean, "color" for me usually means wearing something green, in a dark shade! So, with that said, you can see why this bright red dress is one of the boldest color choices I have ever made for my wardrobe.

I can't tell you what brought me to even try on this dress in the store. I guess you could say I was feeling adventurous that day! All I know for sure was that I knew I wanted it as soon as I put it on! Well, let me tell you, this red dress was going against all of my fashion/shopping rules, and not just in the color department. The problem was that I was coming off of a major shopping spree and had told myself I was not to buy anything else for a while. I'll often go through periods of time where I do not allow myself to do any shopping. This is due to the fact that I don't have an unlimited budget to work with. It is also because I like to work with the clothes that I have in my wardrobe, instead of constantly just buying new pieces that I won't wear much in the long run. So, as much as my heart was telling me to get the dress, my head was thinking otherwise. Sadly, I left the store without buying it.

Now, I have another rule when it comes to shopping. If you are still thinking about the piece, even after you have left the store, then you should probably go back for it. And no...this isn't an I'm still thinking about it later that day, or the next day. I am talking about still thinking about it even a week after you initially tried it on. I'm talking about daydreaming about the piece of clothing and all of the places you picture yourself wearing it. I'm talking about you telling other people about that one item you think you should've gotten. If a piece of fashion can hold your attention to that extent then it must be meant to be. I have always said that I am not a big believer in soul mates. My one exception to this though would be in the fashion category. Call me crazy, but I truly believe that there are some things in fashion that are just meant to come into your life [closet]! I have many instances where I have experienced this, but those are stories I'll share at another time (I figure you'd probably want to see pictures of the pieces, which I don't currently have for all of them)!

So, after my week of daydreaming in red, I ended up going ahead and ordering the dress! It was definitely the right decision, as every time I wear it I get a bunch of compliments which only adds to the confidence I already have from wearing a piece I love. Sometimes, when it comes to fashion, you just have to listen to your gut, even if the piece is a departure from the norm for you!

Keep scrolling to see the whole look. It has been an abnormally cold summer here in Boston, so I styled the dress with a leather jacket to give you all an example of how to wear a summer dress as a transition piece for fall. Check it out below!


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Unfortunately, the dress I am wearing in this post is no longer available. I linked a bunch of similar options below. I even included some other color options, in case any of you weren't feeling the bold red :) :)

All content created by Mackenzie Lee of Six Feet In Heels. All photography by Emily Luongo.