The time has finally come! I am sharing my last look from my Tobi collaboration! I am very excited share this look with all of you for a couple of reasons...

1) I love how the pictures came out, which is actually pretty funny because at the time of the shoot I was pretty much hating life! Blogging is much harder than it looks folks. You try standing and posing in heels and multiple outfits for hours on an 80 degree day...not so glamorous after all. With all of that craziness aside though, I love how everything turned out. There is a moodiness to the shots that I feel I've never been able to capture before, and I am seriously into it!

2) I am obsessed with the dress in this look! Plain and simple! It is super comfortable and flattering. I could definitely see many different body types being able to pull this dress off, and to make it even better, it is sold for an amazingly affordable price! You can grab this steal of a dress for yourself for $19! YES...$19!!!

One of my favorite things about the clothes that I got from Tobi is that, while they were all fairly simple, each piece was enough to carry a look without having to add much to it! This dress, with its deep V front and high cut slit on the bottom is enough of a showstopper on its own that I didn't really need to add much of anything to it in order to feel completely put together. I added a simple earring (Puck & Abby), a red lip, and some heels and I was ready for a night out. So ready, in fact, that I actually wore this dress out for a night with the girls directly from the shoot!

Keep scrolling to see the whole look, and as always shop every piece I am wearing at the bottom of this post!


When we shot this look, it was the last look of the day. Needless to say, Emily and I were exhausted, so our creative juices were not flowing at max capacity. We could not settle on a location to shoot this look, so we ended up shooting it in about four or five different places. I've included some of these shots below, in case you wanted to see this dress take over Boston!

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