Jeans & a Tee

Jeans & a Tee

The last post I shared with you was all about how I styled a look for work. This week I am taking a more relaxed approach, since it is Thursday, and basically the weekend....

It is FINALLY getting to be warmer and nicer in Boston. Gone are the days of oversized coats and snow boots, so I am saying hello to some exposed skin and open toe shoes! I have said this before, and I am sticking by much as I love clothes and getting dressed up, I am just as big a fan of keeping things casual from time to time. No one is going to wear their finest ball gown for a weekend coffee run...unless, maybe, you're Kim Kardashian, which I most certainly am not. With that said, this week's look is very simple. It is quite literally just jeans and a tee! 

Why would I share such a simple, and arguably boring look with you, you ask? Because it is a classic! Who can argue with that? Also, I spiced things up a little bit with some fun accessories in the form of my platform studded sandals and my blue tinted aviator sunglasses! Another thing, is that I am sure some of my looks that I share might be hard to replicate, as I have spent many years trying to build a sustainable and versatile wardrobe. So, I figured that if I shared a more simple look, that it would translate well for more people to find some inspiration! 

As a fun way to do something else different, I figured I would share some fun tidbits about this look:

1) The white tee I am wearing is the most expensive part of this outfit because it is Rag & Bone. The real fun fact is that I got the shirt for free! And, no it was not due the fact that I am a blogger. It was a system glitch when I was buying something from Intermix, so the price cancelled out when I checked out. If only that could happen more often...

2) It may look like I am drinking a coffee, but I actually hate coffee, and really caffeine in general. That, my friends is a hot chocolate I am drinking, because even though I may look like I am warm and having an awesome time, it was actually freezing when I took these photos.

3) I got these awesome sandals from Seven Dial Shoes (c/o), and I am not going to lie to you, I had a difficult time deciding on how I wanted to style them for you all. They are such a fun, and different, pair of shoes than what I usually wear, so I wanted the look to match. In the end though, I was getting too concerned with that, and realized I wasn't staying true to my style. So, thats how you all ended up with this casual, yet fun, look!

As always, check out below to shop this look! I have included a couple different white tee options from brands that I like and trust!

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