Weekend Wears

Weekend Wears

Do you ever have those pieces in your closet that you gravitate towards whenever you want to look put together without trying too hard? We all have them...our wardrobe warriors, that never let us down. 

I feel I most rely on these pieces when the weekend rolls around. I spend all week needing to look put together for work, and sometimes by the time it is the weekend, to put it simply, I am tired. Sometimes I don't want to sift through my closet to put together a new, fashionable look. This is the time that I rely on those pieces that I know won't let me down!

The formula is simple really. A great pair of jeans, a simple/comfortable top, a jacket for warmth, some stylish sneaks, and bag that can fit the essentials without weighing you down because we all know that we tend to be more mobile on the weekends, or at least I do! Below I have put together a look of what I will wear on a typical weekend day. Check it out as below, along with similar pieces you can shop for yourself!

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Click on the images below to shop each piece directly! For pieces that are no longer available I have included multiple similar options :)

Also, you all already know how I love my Old Navy jeans. Instead of linking individual pairs I figured I would just link their website for you all here. They have some great colored jeans for spring currently!
Old Navy Jeans