If you have been keeping up with me and my journey as a fashion blogger then you know there are some things that I love when it comes to the clothes that I wear. First of all, jumpsuits! I live for jumpsuits! They require such minimal effort when putting together a look because they are an all-in-one outfit, and oftentimes statement piece, on their own. When I tried on the jumpsuit below, I immediately knew it was something that I needed to add to my collection.

Second, I love transitional pieces that can be worn in different ways or in different seasons. A theme that I try to have recurring throughout what I share with you all is that you can be stylish by making your wardrobe work for you. The easiest way to do this is to have those transitional pieces. Take the outfit I am wearing below for example....I have worn the jumpsuit here in Boston, and also in Miami. It is a piece that I can wear as you see below for cooler temps, or I can throw a sweater or jacket over it for another cool weather look. I can also wear the jumpsuit on its own, or with a fun bralette underneath when it is warmer. I have had this piece since February, have been wearing it since, and know that I will be able to wear it through summer and even the fall. 

Lastly, I love pieces that I can get at a great price-point. I always love a good sale, but am willing to spend a little bit more money if I think that a piece is worth it. The jumpsuit I am wearing is just under $100. I don't consider this to be a huge expenditure, but spending that amount on one piece takes away from the money that I have set aside to spend each month on new items (no shame in budgeting!). Mix that in with the fact that I bought it at full price, and I kind of needed to justify the purchase a little bit. I don't know if it is just me, but I won't blink an eye at spending a $100 on something if it is "on sale", but if it is full price it suddenly makes me stop to consider....ah the psychology behind consumerism! Anyway, I was able to justify this purchase based on how much I was able to incorporate it into my wardrobe. If a piece is something that you will wear consistently, then spending those few extra dollars on it really does make the purchase more worthwhile!

Here's hoping that some of my advice from above resonates and helps you in building a wardrobe that will work for you! Keep scrolling to see how I styled this amazing jumpsuit for cooler temps. As always, you can shop what I am wearing at the bottom of this post!

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The jumpsuit I am wearing in these photos is no longer available in the black floral print :( BUT it is available in some other amazing prints, so check them out by clicking the photo below!