C'mon Spring

C'mon Spring


Anyone else in the Northeast wondering what the heck has been going on with the weather lately?!? Don't get me wrong...I am in no way complaining. I will take 70 degree days in February for the rest of my life if it were a possibility. However, Boston is a fickle city that likes to play with my emotions! The weather has been rising, and falling, and rising again with the same consistency of a yo-yo.


Even though I have loved the bouts of spring-like weather we've been having, there are a few things that I truly hate about this kind of weather:

1) It is totally unpredictable, making it difficult to know what to wear each day. One day I am in sandals with no jacket. Then the next I am back to my bean boots and my down winter coat. 

2) It has, in my belief, led to me having a nasty head cold. Hence, why I am keeping this weeks post short and sweet (as to avoid sounding silly because, honestly, my brain is just not working properly)!

3)  It is the world's biggest tease!! Seriously, now that I have had a taste, all I want is Spring weather!


One of the things I don't mind about all the changes, is that I am finally getting some great wear out of one of my favorite purchases in recent months....my sleeveless J. Crew coat. It is the perfect piece for when the weather is unpredictable! I can wear it with no sleeves when it is warm, or I can layer a warm cozy sweater under it for those days when it gets colder. This is seriously a must for your closet if you live in a place like I do! It will instantly elevate your look, while also looking chic and classy. Keep scrolling to see my go-to way of styling this coat for every day! Unfortunately, this exact coat is no longer available, but I have provided similar pieces at all different prices for you below!


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