Into the Blue

Into the Blue

There is nothing better than fall in Boston! Equally, there is nothing better than an outfit that makes you feel as amazing as you look! This week's look is one of those outfits. I mean how often does a sweatshirt double as a piece that is flattering enough to wear outside of the gym and your own apartment? J. Crew really hit one out of the park with this one! It was so good, that it actually sold out, buttttt they just restocked in a few sizes, so go quick and you to can own this awesome piece! Did I also mention that it is now on sale? What are you waiting for?! The link is at the bottom of this post in the "Shop This Look" section!!


Now, I am not just here to tell you all what you should buy when it comes to clothing. I usually try to provide some fashion advice along the way as well.

A really easy way to look chic and put together can sometimes be as simple as wearing the same color head to toe. This is something that is very easy to do with the color black, which is obviously a winter time go-to. Why not try out a different color though? You could use Blake LivelyZendaya, or Gigi Hadid as inspiration! For this look, it was pretty easy to do my own take on head to toe color, since navy allowed me to incorporate jeans. Stay tuned for a post I've got coming to you soon featuring head to toe green!!


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The heels I am wearing in this post are very similar to the Alexandre Birman heels below. Now, I am not telling you what to do, but if you feel like splurging for yourself, I am not going to stop you. I mean...they're gorgeous!!