Midnight Splendor

Midnight Splendor

It is your lucky week! I love the Splendid x Damsel In Dior dress from my last post so much, that I wanted to show you all another way that you can style it. For this post, I am focusing on transitioning this dress for a nighttime look!

Taking an outfit from day to night is not something that has to be difficult. The key is having a great base of an outfit, so that a simple switch in accessories will take your look from day to night. For this week's example, this cotton shirt dress stands as that base piece to build off of. I switched out my flats, neck scarf, and oversized sunglasses for a pair of heels, a necklace, and a shoulder bag. Just by changing those things, I'm now ready for a night out!

This is something that is so easy to do, but I am sure that many of you can struggle with it. Why do I say this? Because I too have the almost weekly conundrum of having an event right after work, with no time to stop home and change. There have been many times where I stand, staring at my wardrobe for so long in the morning that I am almost late for work! With that being said, let me know if taking an outfit from day to night is something you would want to see more of! Have a specific occasion where you need to do this? Just leave a comment below, or shoot me an email, and I can get back to you, or do more posts like this!

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