Taille Haute


If you're wondering about the name of this post, Taille Haute is French for high waisted. Not entirely original, but doesn't everything sound much more chic when spoken in French? 

I have been wanting a pair of high waisted white wide leg pants for ages now. I used to try them on in practically any store that sold them, until I quickly became discouraged. They were either too short on my legs, too tight on my thighs, not high waisted enough...every female out there knows what I am getting at. I began to think that maybe this was just one look I would not be able to pull off, and with that I gave up. 

Then one day, when in Zara of all places, as I stumbled on a pair of high waisted wide leg pants in white, I said what the hell?! I grabbed them, ran to the dressing room, and low and behold they fit! They were the right length, weren't too tight, and fell exactly where I wanted them to on my waist. The fact that I was complimented by the other shoppers as I walked out of the dressing room to get a better look only helped sway me more. I was sold!

Check out below to see just one of the many ways I will be styling my new purchase! Don't forget that you can also shop this look at the links below ;).


Outfit Details

Necklace- Lou Lou Boutique

Top- Urban Outfitters

Bracelet- J Crew

Pants - Zara

Shoes- Steve Madden