Currently Coveting

~Beach Essentials~

Welcome to my first edition of "Currently Coveting"! I have been MIA the past couple of weeks due to starting a new job, but I wanted to jump back into the blog and talk about all of the pieces I have had my eye on. Currently Coveting will be a series of posts that I plan to do on an ongoing basis. We all have those pieces that we have been lusting over, but they may be out of our reach (they are too expensive, out of stock, not the right color...whatever it may be). I will be posting about all of the things that I want, but am unable to get for any of the above reasons listed. As far as I see it, there is nothing wrong with doing a little daydreaming. Who knows...maybe you'll see something you like and get it before I do!

For the first edition, I wanted to do a feature on beach essentials. I don't know about you, but I am tired of Boston's mood swings in regards to weather lately. Who else is soooo ready for summer?! I have a family vacation planned for July down the Cape, and it seems to be all I can think of lately. I can't wait to trade in my suits for swimsuits, and spend a week sitting on the beach in a cute new bathing suit, with a good book and cocktail in hand!

As far as swimsuits go, I am loving that full pieces and retro styles are what the cool kids are wearing nowadays. I will take a full piece or high waisted bikini any day over the tiny bikinis I used to wear back in my high school/college days. Another thing I am lusting after are sandals and espadrilles. I bought my first pair of Soludos, and it is safe to say that I am obsessed! I would probably buy every shoe they make, if it wouldn't lead me towards bankruptcy. Not only are they extremely comfortable, they are adorable and moderately priced as well! Check out below to see all of the swimsuits, sandals, and beach cover-ups that I wish I had. I made sure to include different price points for each, ranging anywhere from very affordable to true investment pieces. Comment below and let me know which pieces are your favorites!!

P.S.~ I used to create all of the collages. It was my first time using the tool and as you will see, I may have gotten a little carried away! What can I say...there are a lot of pieces out there to be coveted!