Gray Lady

Gray Lady

The time to put away your leather jacket and replace it with your extra long down winter coat has officially come in Boston, but that's not going to keep me from posting this weeks outfit for you all! Something you all may have noticed is that I don't always have the exact pieces I am wearing available for you to shop below. There are a few reasons behind this....

1) I am not made of money and cannot afford to buy new clothes on a continual basis. I am just like any other girl in her mid-twenties who is trying to be financially responsible and stick to a budget. My obsession with clothing and shoes can make this difficult at times, if I am being honest, but I am doing my best!

2) I want to try to show you that you can build a great wardrobe without having to always be buying new clothing! For instance, I have had both this dress and leather jacket for over a year. They are simple and stylish pieces that I can wear and incorporate into so many different outfits. If you build a wardrobe with great key pieces, it all comes down to styling them. You can take a dress that you have had for years, wear it in a new different way, and it will honestly look as if you have gone shopping for something new!

3) I love being able to show you that just because you cannot get the exact piece I am wearing, that it doesn't mean you can't find something extremely similar. One of the best parts of this, and something I work hard to find for all of you, is that you can often find pieces that look the same at all different price points. So, if you have no budget, you can go ahead and get the sweater in cashmere from Neiman Marcus. But, if you're like me and you are trying to be good to your bank account, you can go for the less expensive option from a Zara, or H & M type retailer. The absolute best is when I can find those more high end pieces on sale. I get a real rush when that happens!!

So there you have it! One of my many hopes with this blog is to not only provide some fashion inspiration, but to also share some of my fashion wisdom that I have attained over the years. I know what you are probably much wisdom can a 26 year old really have?? Well, I happened to learn my tricks of the trade from some of the best! I won't go into the numbers, but lets just say that between my mom, my grandma, and myself, I am working with a lot of years of learned wisdom when it comes to fashion and building a great wardrobe!

Keep scrolling to see the rest of this look! Also, be sure to check out all of the pieces that you can shop. You'll see that I provided a few options to choose from for this awesome gray sweater dress!

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