Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

I love an outfit which requires minimal effort, but that still looks put together. I have found over the years that this can most easily be done by wearing either a dress, or a jumpsuit. I know...groundbreaking stuff, right?! It pretty much goes without saying that they are the perfect all-in-one outfit. With the fall weather here in Boston, I've found myself gravitating more and more toward sweater dresses!

Boston can get cold! If you have visited before, or if you live here, you know that it gets to a point where the warmth factor of your outfit far outweighs the fashionable factors. With the chillier temperatures it just makes more sense to wear a cozy sweater dress versus those equally adorable outfits you were able to rock back in September. 

Once you have your go-to sweater dress, all you need are a few easy add-on accessories to complete your outift! For this week's look I added my favorite wool hat and otk boots (TBH I probably wear them a bit too much!). You could even add a scarf, or a leather jacket to enhance the look even more. Keep scrolling to see more of this outfit and to shop everything below!

P.S. ~ The sweater dress I am wearing is available in three great neutral colors, and it is on SALE!! :)

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