Currently Coveting: OTK Boots

Currently Coveting: OTK Boots

If you take a look at my last post, you'll see that I wore a pair of over-the-knee boots as a part of the look I styled. I got a lot of great feedback from you all on the outfit, especially on the boots I was wearing. This inspired me to do a post for all of you!

It has been some time since I did a Currently Coveting post. Due to the feedback previously mentioned, that it is finally boot wearing weather, and the fact that my roommate asked what pair she should buy for herself, I am dedicating this post to over-the-knee boots! 

I have liked OTK boots for as long as I can remember! However, like probably turned into love the first time I laid eyes on the Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots. As soon as I saw them, I realized I had never wanted a pair of shoes so badly. I had to have them!! Well, as life would have it, the love I had for the shoes quickly turned to lust once I saw the price tag associated with them.

I was on a mission from that point on to find an OTK boot that came close to the Highland boot, but at a price point that I could afford. I am not sure if OTK boots were not as popular a few years back when I set out on this mission, but I actually had a pretty hard time finding a pair that I liked. Please let it be known, though, that I am very picky when it comes to things like this. The main thing that I was concerned about was the fit of the boot on my leg. I found that many of the lesser priced duplicates were too big/loose on my legs, thus giving them a cheap look to match the cheaper price.

After searching for a couple months for the perfect pair, I ended up finally settling on a boot by Ivanka Trump. You can see me wearing them on an older picture featured above! They met all of my criteria, with the most important being the fit. I wore them all of the time, and still do!

Now, I don't want you to think I had buyer's remorse, as I was very happy with the decision I made, but a big part of me still wanted the Highland boots. So, I decided to save up my money and invest in a pair. After saving for several months, I finally had the funds to make such a big purchase. My hand was literally shaking as I handed over my credit card, but after a quick swipe and signature, they were mine! 

Now that you all know the backstory to my obsession with OTK boots, and what I went through to find the perfect pair, let's get to what you are all really here for. I selected some of what I think are the best purchases you can make. While I must say that you cannot beat good quality, there is something to be said about an amazing deal as well. One thing I definitely noticed when searching for all of these boots, is that there is so much more available at different price points now than there was when I did my search a few years back. Now, it seems you can get quality and a great deal! Or, you can go ahead and splurge!

So....what are you waiting for?!?! Check out my picks for OTK boots below. As always, you can shop anything you like by just clicking on the image!!

High Heeled OTK Boots

Flat OTK Boots

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